Macleans College students achieve Biology and Chemistry Olympiad success

Posted on August 03, 2022

Biology Olympiad

Wei Tian Teo (Rutherford House) was selected for the New Zealand International Biology Olympiad camp in Dunedin this year.

Following the first set of exams, selected students of the training group (top 200 students) studied Biology at university level, and completed hours of content modules in preparation for the camp selection exam.

From those initial 200, the top 20 highest scoring students in New Zealand, including Wei Tian, were selected to attend the training camp, hosted by the New Zealand International Biology Olympaid (NZIBO) in Dunedin. These camps are extremely competitive. During this time, students are trained intensively in a range of fields - including laboratory genetics, conservation, marine dissections and more - and later sit six hours of practical and theory exams, in contention for the International Olympiads held later this year.

Thank you to Mrs Humphreys for helping with organising the logistics of Biology Olympiad at Macleans College this year.

Chemistry Olympiad

James Hui (Rutherford), Daniel Park (Kupe), Allan Han (Batten), and William Gao (Upham) were selected for the New Zealand International Chemistry Olympiad training camp in Auckland this year.

Starting in September 2021, students within the tutorial group worked through the summer holidays on online modules, in preparation for the camp selection test at the end of term 1. These students were also given the opportunity to contact top chemistry professors in New Zealand during this process,

From the tutorial group, 32 students (including James, Daniel, Allan and William) were selected for the training camp held at the University of Auckland - during which they spent three days working in university laboratories. Although there is usually a limit of three students per school being selected for the camp, the excellent performance of Macleans College students created an exception. Allan was also selected as part of the New Zealand team for the International Chemistry Olympiad held online this year, where he gained a bronze medal.

Thank you to Mrs Errington for her organisation of the Chemistry Olympiad this year.