Macleans College place second in Auckland Region ShowQuest

Posted on October 23, 2020

This year the nationwide student-led ShowQuest dance competition was changed to an on screen competition where students had to create a self-filmed video exploring a theme.

Macleans College students chose to explore the theme of loneliness, which many teenagers feel. They wanted to portray the idea that everyone feels lonely at some stage in their lives and emphasise the importance of reaching out for help even if you feel like no one is there for you. The video reminds students of where to get help if loneliness is affecting them.

The choreography, teaching, filming and editing were all student-led.  The video was directed by Lucy Pakenham (Kupe House). Lead choreographers were Mia Bolton (Kupe), Beth Snooks (Snell) and Jasmine Jones (Rutherford). 

The students won second place in the Open National for Auckland region which was a $2,000 prize pack.

Thanks must go to Mrs Jackson, Ms Harrison and Dr Miles for their support during the making of the ShowQuest video. 

Macleans College ShowQuest: Lost in the World 2020

If you wish to talk to someone about the issues raised in this video, please see the links below:


Year 9

Isabella Chen (Hillary House)
Annabelle Harrison (Snell)
Nikita Hokianga (Kupe)
Mischa Inglis (Snell)
Fiona Karani (Upham)
Chloe Lam (Upham)
Molly Pakenham (Kupe)
Alex Ready (Mansfield)
Katie Rogers (Kupe)
Abby Snooks (Snell)
Felice Yang (Te Kanawa)

Year 10

Jasmine Jones (Rutherford)
Bianca Lim (Snell)
Alicia Major (Rutherford)
Katie McLeay (Snell)
Eden Millward (Rutherford)

Year 11

Sarah Huang (Rutherford)
Maggie Corbett (Te Kanawa)
Laura Banks (Te Kanawa)

Year 12

Hannah Giles, (Snell)
Grace Huang (Snell)
Sophia Lim (Snell)
Diya Matta, (Snell)
Tamika Te Young (Batten)

Year 13

Kaixi Zhu (Upham)
Beth Snooks (Snell)
Lucy Pakenham (Kupe)
Alyse Goodyer (Te Kanawa)
Penny Bodman (Mansfield)
Mia Bolton (Kupe)
Jessie Brindle (Mansfield)


Prize Prize Winner / Prize Collector
Outstanding Creative Leadership Role for Directing – Certificate Lucy Pakenham
Second Place in Auckland - Certificate and Trophy Mia Bolton and Jasmine Jones
Thinker Award for Best Educational Message - Certificate Beth Snooks
Most Effective Use of Live Sound (live singing) - Certificate Kelsey Martin (Mansfield) and Terryn Martin (Mansfield)
Creative Leader Awards (Certificates) Beth Snooks, Mia Bolton, Lucy Pakenham, Diya Matta, Jasmine Jones, Hannah Giles and Tamika Te Young