Macleans College photographers capture awards

Posted on August 03, 2022

The Focus 2022 Art Exhibition was on display to the public over the weekend of 30 – 31 July. The exhibition drew to a close with an awards ceremony which announced category winners and artworks which were highly commended.

Livleen Kaur’s stunning photographic work “Through The Window” was placed third in the photography section. In this work, Livleen (Mansfield House) aimed to show the idea of an outwardly appearing perfect domestic life while at the same time creating a slightly unsettling experience for the viewer as they attempt to place themselves within the artwork, looking out of one window straight into another.

Aimee Thompson (Te Kanawa) received a Highly Commended award for her vivid photographic work titled “Industrial Colour”. Aimee’s photographic inquiry this year has investigated multiple sites which accumulate the waste we discard as humans. The intense colour palettes she employs in her work bring an unexpected vibrancy to an environment which is usually dull and unattractive.

Macleans College exhibitors included;

Iris Wong (Snell), Ella Sweeney (Mansfield), Tina Chen (Batten), Saffron Brookes (Mansfield), Eve Boermans (Te Kanawa), Saarah Chuttur (Hillary), Alex Rikys (Rutherford), Lucy Dimock (Te Kanawa), Livleen Kaur, Eric Lan (Mansfield), Bob Chen (Upham), Josh Buddhdev (Hillary), Nancy Wu (Snell), Aimee Thompson and Maddison Sangster (Batten).