Macleans College Intercultural Food Festival

Posted on April 10, 2018

The Intercultural Committee held their Annual Intercultural Food Festival in the amphitheatre on April 5th, selling food from sushi, bubble tea, noodles, samosas to Korean pancakes.

All the Intercultural Club leaders organised individual stalls, made possible with the kind donations of their club members. The clubs vary from cultural performance to lunchtime clubs.

There was a large attendance at this festival, not just from Macleans College students but with students from other schools.

Cultural flags were placed around the amphitheatre along with the Lion (from the Lion Dance Club) and members of dance clubs in their costumes. It was a very festive mood where the students enjoyed the delicious food.

Managed and organised by the Intercultural Executive, President Annika Yuanru Xu (Hillary House) and Executives Xixi Lin (Kupe House) and John Yang (Hillary House).