Macbeth, Live

Posted on February 26, 2018

10ELC are about to take on Macbeth in English and what could be a better way to dig into this timeless play about regicide and ambition than a visit to the Pop Up Globe in Auckland?

On Tuesday 21st February 32 exuberant students of Shakespeare were treated to a stunning dramatization of the play and were lucky enough to be seated centre front in the Gallery.

This was an experience no one will forget. From the entrance of the witches in their grimy rags, singing in dissonant harmony, to the Porter’s “Knock Knock” jokes to a final blood-soaked show-down between Macbeth and Macduff it has to be agreed that this was truly an absorbing experience.

When it comes to stepping into the realm of Shakespeare in the classroom it will be this visceral performance that will help the students to connect all the more strongly to the language and characters.