Intercultural Food Festival 2022

Posted on August 09, 2022

On Thursday 4 August the Intercultural Club Committee (ICC) held the annual Intercultural Food Festival in the amphitheatre.

Groups from the ICC came together and sold foods from a range of different cultures. From tteokbokki to samosas, wontons to mango lassi, and samoan pancakes to Taiwanese sausages, students from around the school enjoyed the diversity shown through food.

Additionally, the ICC Executive team organised a very successful intercultural mufti day. Students were encouraged to wear traditional clothing from their respective cultures, or dress in colours of their national flags. The school saw a wide range of different clothing, including cheongsams, panjabis, saris, kimonos, and more - a true attestation to the diversity in Macleans College.

Intercultural President Coco Ma (Kupe House) and Vice-President Wei Tian Teo (Rutherford), along with members of the executive team Shafquat Tabeeb (Mansfield), Allan Han (Batten), and Lily Kim (Mansfield) coordinated and managed the smooth running of the popular event.

The Food Festival and gold coin donations together raised over $4,000. All proceeds will be donated to Belong Aotearoa, a non-profit specialist settlement support agency, providing help and advice for new migrants, international students, and refugees.

Many thanks to all the teachers-in-charge and Mrs Hoshino of the ICC Committee for giving up their time to aid in the organisation of these successful events.

Intercultural clubs at Food Festival: Chinese Girls Dance, Korean Drums, Lion Dance, Bollywood and Punjabi Dance, Chinese Chess Club, Korean Culture Association, Korean Dance, Art Club, and Anime Club.