Intercultural Food Festival 2021

Posted on April 15, 2021

On Thursday 8 April the Annual Intercultural Food Festival was held, with the school’s intercultural clubs showcasing a wide variety of different cultures through various cuisines from around the world.

The immense turnout was a testament to the many unique and delicious foods and drinks that were sold, such as ice jelly, dumplings, mango lassi, samosas, instant noodles, egg tarts, and much more. Raising over $2000, the cheerful atmosphere celebrating the various cultures of the world was enjoyed by Macleans College students and staff from across the school.

Intercultural President Annika Lee (Snell House) and Vice-President Jamie Lee (Kupe), along with members of the executive team Coco Ma (Kupe), Wei Tian Teo (Rutherford), and Shafquat Tabeeb (Mansfield) coordinated and managed the smooth running of the popular event.

Many thanks to all the teachers-in-charge of the Intercultural Committee for their generous aid and support in planning this event. A special thanks goes to Mrs Hoshino for playing a key role in the execution of the ICC Food Festival.

All proceeds will be going to Starship Children’s Hospital.

Photographs taken by Macleans College News Committee photographers Josh Lu (Rutherford) and Joseph Zhang (Upham).