Intercultural Club Performing Groups - Dynamic start to 2018

Posted on March 29, 2018

This year the Macleans College Lion Dance group welcomed many new members.

The team consists of 35 students, with some returning from previous years. They have had three performances so far this year, with many local schools and the community wanting to see them.

Currently, they have performed for the Macleans College school assembly, Howick Kindergarten, and Farm Cove Kindergarten for their Chinese New Year celebrations. This was a great opportunity for them to introduce an aspect of Chinese culture to the community, and to interact with people both inside and outside of school life.

Current members of the group have said that they thoroughly enjoy all the practices, and being able to perform for the community. There are many performances planned for the rest of the year and they are looking forward to inspiring more people to experience the Chinese culture.

On Sunday 18th March, a selected group of girls, from the Macleans College Kpop Dance Club, performed at the Mellons Bay Fun Day.

The performance was an opportunity for the group of students to contribute to the community and to provide some enjoyment for the visitors to the fun day. Many hours went into ensuring that the dance would be performed smoothly. Technicalities, musicality, formations, and artistry had to be perfect. The performance on the day was an unqualified success.

Chinese Girls Dance group also performed at the same event and the community enjoyed the performance.

Many thanks to Mellons Bay PTA for inviting us to perform and to Mr Ng, Mr Walthaus, Ms Xu and Mrs Hoshino for their guidance and support. Thank you to student leaders, Rhi Ann Yong (Hillary House), Gina Dai (Upham) and Selena Guo (Batten).