Impressive results at the final showdown before The Maadi Cup

Posted on March 15, 2017

The Macleans College Rowing Squad battled horrendous weather conditions last weekend to compete in the North Island Secondary School Rowing Championships at Lake Karapiro.

The squad went head to head with over 1800 other athletes representing 96 secondary schools. With such a large field the standard of competition was very high but all of our crews raced fast, fair and had fun.

The following two crews put in impressive performances winning silver medals:

Boys U17 double sculls
Harry Newbury-Lee (Te Kanawa House), Heath Shepherd (Te Kanawa)

Boys U17 coxed quadruple sculls
Waldo Singleton (Kupe), Heath Shepherd, Harry Newbury-Lee, Jack MacDonald (Kupe), coxswain Camille Dignadice (Rutherford)

The event served as a last chance for the squad to test themselves before the prestigious 2017 Maadi Cup (New Zealand Secondary School Rowing Championships) which is being held at Lake Karapiro from 27 March to 1 April.

The five other Macleans College crews who reached “A” finals were:

Boys U17 single sculls
Heath Shepherd

Boys U15 coxed four
Trent Marshall (Batten), Matt Botha (Kupe), Hugh Ibbotson (Upham), Jed Williams (Mansfield), coxswain Byron Woods (Upham)

Girls U18 Novice Double sculls
Kayli Singleton (Kupe), Chelsea Cox (Upham)

Girls U16 coxed quadruple sculls
Zara Ely (Rutherford), Zoe Marais (Hillary), Ffion Lewis (Snell), Georgia Anderson (Mansfield), coxswain Henry Smith (Kupe)

Girls U15 coxed eight
Caitlin Harley (Upham), Emma Penney (Upham), McKenzie Smith (Upham), Isobel Sturgin (Te Kanawa), Holly MacDonald (Kupe), Capri Lonie (Mansfield), Georgia Anderson (Mansfield), Jessica Taylor (Mansfield), coxswain Henry Smith