Impact of School Reforms on Macleans College

Posted on March 04, 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Impact of School Reforms on Macleans College

I have recently attended meetings held by the Independent Taskforce leading the review of Tomorrow’s Schools.  Unfortunately none of my concerns with the review were alleviated by the information given at these meetings. 

It is clear the Taskforce believe parents and communities have no business being involved in the running of their local schools.  Instead they require all 2431 schools to come under direct Government control.  Unique needs of students, cultures and communities will not be provided for under such a system.  

The Taskforce sees the introduction of a new layer of bureaucracy called Education Hubs to control schools as the solution to any perceived problems in our system.  The Taskforce is determined to control teacher and principal appointments with the ability to move staff around a Hub of Schools. 

Enrolments and zoning are going to be controlled by the Hub, leaving families with no guarantees about which school their child can attend.  

School curriculum, assessment, property and finance will all be led by a Hub that oversees 125 other schools.

Sadly the Taskforce has failed to address the teacher supply crisis, despite acknowledging that effective teaching has the biggest impact on student learning.  Instead, they are advocating radical system wide change for all schools, despite only 6% of schools requiring regulatory intervention in the last three years. 

Although these recent meetings were pitched as “consultations” it is clear the recommendations made in December are going ahead unless we can get urgent action. 

It is imperative your opinions are heard.  Please visit the link below to read a summary of the report.

More importantly, please make a submission or comment, by emailing [email protected] before 7 April. 

Ngā mihi 

Steven Hargreaves


A submission in response to: Our Schooling Futures