Holocaust Survivor speaks at Macleans College

Posted on August 28, 2017

On Friday August 25 Peter Gaspar, a survivor of the Terezin concentration camp addressed history students on his experiences during World War Two.

He spoke about how he was discriminated against for being Jewish at the age of five before he had even started school.

He spent three years in hiding with his parents in Czechoslovakia after forty members of his extended family were arrested, deported to Auschwitz and exterminated. Peter and his mother spent the last six months of the war at Terezin concentration camp while his father was a slave worker at another camp.

They moved to Australia in 1949 where they started a new life.

In recent years Peter has been part of the Holocaust Outreach Programme which is run by the Jewish Federation of New Zealand. This organisation raises awareness of those who have been active in saving victims from persecution, in countries such as Rwanda, Cambodia, Armenia and Nazi occupied Europe.