High Praise for Bollywood Dance Group

Posted on August 10, 2018

The Macleans College Bollywood Dance Group participated in the Rockerz 2018 Dance Competition on Saturday 4 August at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre in Mt Eden.

Ashwin Anand of AA Promotions created the competition and this year it included eight secondary schools from around Auckland.

The group’s performance was a culmination of hours of practice and choreography created by the group leaders, as they presented a mix of traditional, contemporary and hip-hop dance. The preparation for this competition has been about more than dance. It has included teamwork, leadership skills, having a platform to share their culture and the development of friendships.

The team won the Best Costume Award and received high praise by the judges for their presentation.

The leaders Kaveya Gajendran, Prisha Desai (Batten House) and Thulashi Kandakumaran (Upham) have done an incredible job of not only creating the dances but of supporting the team in such a positive manner, organising fundraising, costumes and practices.

The group members: Kyla Bhathena (Hillary), Zaosha Bhathena (Upham), Imasha Fernando (Hillary), Hayden Glasse (Rutherford), Tamilini Kandheswari (Upham), Manleen Kaur (Hillary), Sukhbir Kaur (Hillary), Priyanka Kavthekar (Upham), Katie Lindsell (Batten), Diya Matta (Snell), Karthika Menon (Upham), Medha Penneru (Kupe) and Savanna Youmans (Snell) commitment to the dance performance was outstanding.

Thank you to the parents who assisted in every way by ensuring students were able to attend practices, helping with fundraising for costumes and attending the performance on Saturday evening.