Guest speakers engage Media Studies students

Posted on April 14, 2022

Year 12 Macleans College Media Studies students have been engaging in a unit on news media ethics and have recently had two guest speakers via zoom.

Dr Greg Treadwell, Head of Journalism at Auckland University of Technology, and Jason Walls, Chief Political Reporter at Newstalk ZB, both zoomed in to share their experience and knowledge.

Dr Treadwell gave the students a history of media news ethics and shared some insights into a recently published research paper that he co-authored: “Trust in News in Aotearoa New Zealand 2022”. He outlined some of the challenges faced by the media in maintaining the public’s trust and championed developing media literacy and studying news media as one way to ensure high-quality journalism.

Meanwhile Jason Walls zoomed from Parliament where he shared stories from the front line of political reporting and what it is like to try and ask the first question at the 1 pm press conferences. His stories of travelling to Australia and learning about the news culture there made us all very glad to be in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This was a special opportunity for the students to hear from professionals. Many thanks to Dr Treadwell and Jason Walls for their time and sharing their expertise.