ESOL students visit Howick Historical Village

Posted on April 10, 2017

Recently 56 junior ESOL Immersion students and their teachers visited the local Howick Historical Village.

The village is a living history museum that provides an opportunity to learn about Auckland’s colonial period (1840 to 1880).

The students enjoyed activities such as trolley making for the boys and the girls designed a period costume using paper and sellotape. All students participated in the colonial outdoor games which included stilt walking, block walking, diablo throwing, quoits, hoop skimming and triple slalom walking.

They were also shown the items of a trunk that the new immigrants were allowed to bring with them to New Zealand on their long three month journey to their new homeland. Many were fascinated by the items and how they were seen to be a necessity. For example a collection of irons, a chamber pot, a hatchet, a shaving strop with a shaving pot and cut throat razor, a kettle and wooden bucket to use to collect water and a candle holder.

The visit was enjoyed by all and our appreciation must go to the volunteers who run the activities for the pleasure of the students.