ESOL students learn about reducing, reusing and recycling

Posted on June 23, 2022

The senior ESOL immersion students spent a day at the WasteWise recycling plant in West Auckland learning about the finer aspects of effective recycling.

The students were introduced to the ‘story of the apple’ from tree to landfill to learn the importance of vermiculture. It is assumed that apple cores disposed in the rubbish will disintegrate and decompose, so it was an eye-opener for the students to learn that food scraps also find their way into the landfill where it is compacted and may never decompose.

The students were encouraged to take a closer look at tiger earthworms that are used to break down food scraps into compost.

After morning tea the students completed an indoor activity to learn about natural resources, the production processes they undergo and the final products that eventually contribute to greenhouse gasses.

Post lunch, the students took a walk in the garden surrounding the premises and tried to identify the recycled materials used to create garden pathways, fences, display objects as well as wall decor and indoor seats.

On the way back to school, the bus stopped at various depots in WasteWise where wood, furniture and other household items are recycled and put on sale.

It was a day well spent as the students learnt how small and immediate changes to recycling habits can save the planet in the long run.