Environmental Group Restoration Trip to Motuihe Island

Posted on May 19, 2017

On Sunday May 14th a large group mostly made up of Macleans College students undertook restoration work on Motuihe Island.

The Macleans College Environmental Group have been involved with the Motuihe Restoration Trust since 2008. The group proudly admired the tall native trees, shrubs and flaxes planted by Macleans students over the years as well as the bird life and other native fauna numbers settling on the Island as a result.

In an effort to work collaboratively with other schools in East Auckland some teachers and students from Pakuranga College, Botany Downs Secondary College and Sancta Maria College joined Macleans College which provided an opportunity to share ideas.

A productive day resulted in about 400 native trees and shrubs planted, 100s of rare kohekohe seeds gathered and planted for germination in the nursery as well as data gathered from ‘trakka’ tunnels showing no pests present and plenty of native animals had walked through.

A highlight was seeing Tuatara in their burrows. Macleans students dug burrows and prepared the habitat before the release of 70 Tuatara on the island. The students were delighted to see that the Tuatara have settled in well.