Diligence and Leadership Awards at Senior Prizegiving 2017

Posted on November 08, 2017

Diligence awards are top prizes. They are awarded for effort, perseverance, loyalty and participation. They are for qualities of character and for exemplifying worthwhile values - the "Macleans" values.

Batten House

Hillary House

Kupe House

Mansfield House

Rutherford House

Snell House

Te Kanawa House

Upham House

Leadership Awards to House Captains

Whanau House House Captains
Batten House Sonny Deol and Amelia Orchard
Hillary House Oliver Roberts-Swain and Libby Christophers
Kupe House Ethan Verner and Anna Farrell
Mansfield House Harrison Roper and Kate Haszard
Rutherford House Wei Ting Teo and Sabrina Snoad
Snell House Kurtis Robson and Vethahi Arunthayaparan
Te Kanawa House Flynn Palmer and Lisa Zhang
Upham House Brandan Laurenzi and Lauren Walters-Puttick