Dangerous Boys’ Art Exhibition goes virtual

Posted on June 24, 2020

The inaugural Dangerous Boys' Art Exhibition was held at Macleans College in 2008.

This event was inspired by ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’ by Conn and Hal Iggulden – a guidebook aimed at boys ‘from eight to eighty’.  It covers around eighty topics including how to build a treehouse, grow a crystal, or tell direction with a watch.  Also included are famous quotes, stories, historical battles, and phrases that ‘every boy should know’.  Published in the UK in June 2006 the guidebook reached number one in the UK non-fiction charts several times, selling over half a million copies.

The visual arts provide a unique opportunity for boys in the school to showcase their creativity and their adventures in the form of an exhibition. Boys are able to exhibit in painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, design, moving image, textiles and digital rendering.

The Dangerous Boy’s Art Exhibition has proved to be a highly successful event and has resulted in a platform for our highly talented artists in the school, many of these students have gone on to highly successful creative careers.

This year due to lockdown the Art Department were reluctant to cancel the event and instead are presenting a virtual exhibition. We invite you to view the exhibition and to vote for your favourite artwork. We hope you enjoy viewing the work.

The Art Department are also presenting work produced by Visual Arts students during the lockdown period.  The school community is invited to visit the Art Department to view this work.

Update 01.07.20:

The judging of the Dangerous' Boys Art Exhibition has now been completed.

The Art Department wishes to thank the excellent judges Mr Chris Reid of Macleans College, Glenn Toms from Gordon Harris Art Supplies and the winner of the inaugural Dangerous Boys' Competition in 2008 Graedon Parker (Mansfield House 2004 - 2008). 

Thanks also needs to go to all the wonderful long time sponsors for making this possible.

  • $100 first prize from Fresh Choice Half Moon Bay
  • $100 second prize voucher from Gordon Harris Art Supplies
  • $50 third prize from New World Howick
  • Eeny Meeny Office and Education Supplies
  • Monterey Cinemas
  • Jetts Fitness

Prize winners will be announced at school assembly next term.