Cross Country 2020

Posted on June 05, 2020

The annual Cross Country was held on Tuesday 2 June in brisk but fine conditions.

Individual Results

Junior Girls

  1. Zoe Benson (Te Kanawa)
  2. Anjalee Singh (Te Kanawa)
  3. Danielle Asiata (Batten)

Junior Boys

  1. Connor Boulton  (Mansfield)
  2. James Trathen  (Snell)
  3. Ty Newell (Rutherford)

Intermediate Girls

  1. Abbey Bolton (Kupe)
  2. Sophia Urlich (Te Kanawa)
  3. Caitlyn Pokorny (Te Kanawa)

Intermediate Boys

  1. Christian de Vaal (Kupe)
  2. Ronan Codyre (Batten)
  3. Finn Wilson (Upham)

Senior Girls

  1. Caitlin Harley (Upham)
  2. Maddi Hohneck (Snell)
  3. Amelia Winstone (Kupe)

Senior Boys

  1. David de Vaal (Kupe)
  2. Andre McKay (Te Kanawa)
  3. Joe Shiozawa (Rutherford)

House Results

  1. Snell
  2. Kupe
  3. Mansfield

Photos can be purchased at BC Photography.

Follow this link to the Macleans College Archives for a look back at Cross Country over the past 40 years.