Conservation work undertaken by Kaitiaki Club on Motutapu Island

Posted on October 21, 2019

On Sunday 22 September 44 students and four teachers sailed to Motutapu Island to assist with ecological restoration work.

Students in the Kaitiaki Club (Enviro Group) planted trees and created habitats for reintroduced native species. The Kaitiaki Club have a long-standing relationship with the Motuihe Restoration Trust but sadly the Motuihe wharf has been damaged and so they were unable to sail there. The Motutapu volunteer organisers warmly welcomed the students as an alternative location for restoration work and were lucky to have perfect spring weather for planting native trees.

Motutapu, as with many islands in the Hauraki Gulf, is undergoing transformation from farming and forestry land back to the native forests that provide vital habitat for endangered species.

Students eagerly planted hundreds of trees on a very steep bank. Digging was complicated by dense grass growth. The students were rewarded with a sausage sizzle before the boat ride back to Half Moon Bay.

Both the teachers and the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience.