Breakthrough in music industry by former Macleans College student

Posted on June 10, 2019

Former Macleans College student, Lepani Tuifagalele (Mansfield House 2009 – 2013), is set to be the latest star of New Zealand popular music.

He has just released his first single, Pocket Full of Love, and in two weeks it has already attracted 188,000 plays on Spotify.

Fijian born Lepani comes from a family with a strong musical culture and singing and playing instruments came to him naturally. His musical talent has been influenced not only by his family but also his friends at Macleans College who introduced him to music by a wide range of artists and bands. From this evolved his own style of RnB music.

The single, which was recorded at his home studio, was not intended to launch a musical career. However a friend who was in contact with an intern at Sony encouraged him to forward some of his music and shortly afterwards he was invited to record his single.

Time will show how influential Lepani’s individual blend of pop and contemporary RnB will be on the New Zealand music scene.