Batten House Carnival Raises Funds for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Posted on August 09, 2018

Batten House raises approximately $10,000 each year towards the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, which provides emergency rescue and relief to thousands of New Zealanders.

Last Tuesday 31 July the Batten House Twentieth Anniversary Carnival took place and raised over $3,500 for the Trust. This coincided with the celebration of 20 years since the House was opened at Macleans College.

Students were split into individual class stalls to sell food as well as help with ‘Churro Trucks’ and ‘Mr Whippy’. Furthermore, students Jerry Jiang, Steven Shi, Ian Hsu and Ryan O’Laughlin gave live performances on the house stage of Michael Jackson dancing, yo-yoing, juggling and saxophone. This was very popular with the students, who formed a large crowd around the stage.

Special thanks must be given to the Batten Executive team, the Peer Support team, as well as Mrs Guthrie and Mr Moore.