Auckland Writers Festival 2018

Posted on June 01, 2018

On Thursday 18 May a group of Macleans College students attended the Schools Programme at the annual Auckland Writer’s Festival, in the Aotea Centre.

Students from 9ELC and a group of 10 from the Book Club were treated to four workshop talks from poets and writers.

The morning session opened with an inspirational talk from New Zealand’s Poet Laureate, Selina Tusitala Marsh, who spoke not only about her own poetry but on being the first Pasifika female poet and breaking down barriers in the literary world by expressing the voice of minority cultures.

Students next heard from Alex Wheatle (UK), a writer of teen-fiction, who stunned the crowd with his incredible life story. It was a story of tragedy and survival but he found purpose through reading and eventually, writing.

That afternoon the US author A.S. King spoke about her conviction and persistence in becoming a writer and following her dream. She also addressed the issue of bullying and gave empowering anecdotes and advice.

The NZ playwright, Victor Rodger, spoke about the process of writing and how it helped him to connect with his Samoan side and come to terms with his identity.

Hearing from such accomplished writers, poets, and playwrights was a remarkable and uplifting experience.