Auckland Road Race Championships

Posted on September 21, 2017

Macleans College students participated in the Auckland Road Race Championships recently held at Bruce Pulman Park.

They achieved an outstanding result of winning more medals than any other high school in Auckland. They received three gold, three silver and four bronze medals. This was a well-deserved reward for the many mornings spent training.

All divisions did well and the coach and supporters were very proud.


Age Group Student Placing
Junior Boys David de Vaal (Kupe House) 2nd in individual event
David de Vaal, Joe Shiozawa (Rutherford), Kalani Hokianga (Kupe) 3rd in 3-person team event
David de Vaal, Joe Shiozawa, Kalani Hokianga, Luke Hitchcock (Upham), Brandon Breytenbach (Hillary), Ryan Mayer (Mansfield) 2nd in the 6-person team event
Intermediate Girls Krystal Clark (Rutherford) 1st in individual event
Krystal Clark, Maddi Hohneck (Snell), Mia Bolton – (Kupe) 1st in 3-person team event
Intermediate Boys Lakshay Bawa (Kupe), Noah Davis (Kupe), Matthew Wilson (Kupe) 3rd in 3-person teams event
Lakshay Bawa, Noah Davis, Matthew Wilson, Blake Moore (Kupe), Dominic Mutti (Batten), Oscar Cowley-Andrea (Te Kanawa) 2nd in the 6-person teams event
Senior Girls Micol Paloschi (Upham), Gemma Black (Upham), Caitlyn Khoo (Te Kanawa) 3rd in the 3-person teams event
Senior Boys Theo Quax (Kupe) 1st in the individual event
Theo Quax, Flynn Palmer (Te Kanawa), Angus Stewart (Snell) 3rd in 3-person teams event