Auckland Aerobics Championships

Posted on June 21, 2017

Macleans College entered 60 competitors in the Auckland Aerobics Competition at St Kentigern College gymnasium on Saturday 17th June.

Also competing in the championships were several competitors from Auckland aerobics clubs. It was interesting to compare the scores of the Macleans College student-trained competitors with those from the clubs with adult trainers. The team certainly were the equal of the clubs’ scores, so congratulations to our coaches:

Bronte Croad (Captain) (Upham House), Victoria Goodman (Vice-Captain) (Hillary), Kaylee Goodyer (Te Kanawa), Emma Stevenson (Kupe), Simone Kruger (Hillary), Mia Bolton (Kupe), Caitlin Roper (Mansfield), Sarah Hillier (Snell).

Competitors gaining 1st place as individuals and/or teams:
Sarah Hillier (Snell), Lucy Pakenham (Kupe), Isabella Fogarty (Rutherford), Samadiana Fariz (Mansfield), Amelia Winstone (Kupe), Anna Talbot (Batten), Grace Huang (Snell), Veda Xue (Rutherford), Jenny Zheng (Upham), Libby Murray-Brown (Snell), Katie Kang (Snell), Chanel Poomphuang (Kupe), Vidushi Misra (Kupe), Varya Pavlova (Te Kanawa), Nuch Srisa-An (Batten), Kayomi Patrawala (Snell), Penny Bodman (Mansfield), Jessie Brindle (Mansfield), Emily Sexton (Kupe), Tamika Te Young (Batten), Amelia Windle (Rutherford), Kaixi Zhu (Upham), Jasmin Rogado (Rutherford), Sophia Lim (Snell).

Competitors gaining 2nd place as individuals and/or teams:
Sharon Li (Rutherford), Veda Xue (Rutherford), Tamika Te Young (Batten), Sophia Lim (Snell), Emma Pattinson (Kupe), Danielle McIntosh (Kupe), Sophie Dyball (Batten), Annelise Williams (Kupe), Sarit Epshteyn (Te Kanawa), Ellyse Young (Upham), Milla Hasselbach (Upham), Amelia Winstone (Kupe), Erica Ngin (Snell), Rhea Iyer (Mansfield), Hannah Pickard (Snell), Gloria Lee (Snell), Antonia Cosma (Rutherford), Michaela Rimmer (Snell), Emmeline Reynolds (Rutherford), Ryna Karani (Upham), Janika Reburiano (Mansfield), Tamilini Kandheswari (Upham).

Competitors gaining 3rd place as individuals and/or teams:
Anna Talbot (Batten), Hannah Pickard (Snell), Amelia Windle (Rutherford), Kaixi Zhu (Upham), Sharon Li (Rutherford), Hinatea Jones (Upham), Janika Reburiano (Mansfield), Jenny Zheng (Upham), Navya Misra (Kupe).

We now look forward to further training for the National Competition, 19th August.