AFS NZ Comes To Macleans College

Posted on August 08, 2017

On August 4th, representatives from the AFS NZ charity came to Macleans College to express their gratitude to the Intercultural Clubs for their donation.

AFS NZ (American Field Service New Zealand) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to ‘working towards world peace’, and to ‘provide intercultural learning and volunteer opportunities for students, young adults, teachers and families through international exchange’. Through raising awareness of intercultural issues, AFS NZ hope to shape ‘bright, culturally aware and committed young people who go on to make a difference’.

Fundraising by the Intercultural Clubs through chocolate-selling achieved $10,800 which was donated to the AFS NZ organisation, with the funds going towards the implementation of a ‘standardised intercultural learning program’ for newly-trained leaders.

Four representatives of AFS NZ, led by Carla Ray Vasquez, the Organisational Development Specialist of AFS NZ, came to Macleans College to express their gratitude, speaking at the school assembly and holding an information session during interval.

They also held a workshop for the Intercultural Club Committee, focusing on Cultural Values and Dimensions: an introduction as to how cultural differences can be quantitatively measured, and how cultural backgrounds influence the way people interact with one another. The workshop was an enriching experience for the students, and provided them with valuable insight into the significance of culture in society.