Advertising Space on the Sports Turf

Posted on December 05, 2018

Macleans College is pleased to be able to offer advertising space to companies and organisations on its new turf.

For the first time Macleans College is offering an exciting opportunity to companies and organisations to place an advertising banner around the perimeter of their new all-weather sports field.

Benefits for companies / organisations

  1. Great exposure close to a major intersection
  2. A very cost effective way of marketing your organisation
  3. Double sided signs ensure maximum benefit
  4. One of NZ’s largest colleges, with a student roll of over 2,500 means a captive population of parents
  5. The field is in continuous use by Macleans College and many external sports organisations after school hours (Football Fix, BBAFC for example)
  6. Supporting Macleans College which is constantly at the top of NZ schools and a school that gives so much back to the local community
  7. A brand new pavilion under construction will ensure more use of the facility and more foot traffic will ensure greater exposure
  8. Nearby fields are all constantly used for Tennis and Hockey
  9. Top teams use the facility: - Macleans College 1st XV Rugby is regularly close to the top of the Auckland Secondary 1B grade and is currently looking to play off for entry into the 1A grade, which if they are successful would involve top Auckland schools. - Macleans College 1st XI Soccer are currently playing their way back to the top grades.


Prime 1 positions: Maximum exposure with double sided sign $1150 + GST p.a. 

Prime 2 positions: At the end of the field, but still in great view $650 + GST p.a.

Signage Cost

This is to be paid for by the advertiser.

Size is 1m high x 2.4m wide.

Installation of Sign

This will be undertaken by Macleans College.


Please contact John Russell at [email protected] to progress your interest.