A Voyage on the ‘Spirit of New Zealand’

Posted on December 13, 2017

In the last week of Term 4 ten Year 10 students and Mrs Jamieson, the Macleans College Career Counsellor went on the Spirit of New Zealand for a ‘Trophy Voyage’ for five days, along with three other schools.

They left Princes Wharf on Sunday 3 December and spent the time sailing and motoring around the Hauraki Gulf. The ten students (five girls and five boys) competed in a range of team challenges designed to use a variety of their strengths including physical activities, intellectual tasks and creative competencies.

Macleans College students had begun team bonding before boarding and were able to quickly work to each other’s strengths in the various activities. They came a close second to Waitakere College who won by 2 points, but they worked together really well as a team.

Some of the highlights included jumping from a trapeze off the ship, as well as putting the sails up and winning the ‘A&P Show’ on the final night.