Parent Interviews, Term 2 2019

Posted on March 20, 2019

Macleans College will be using the online booking system for the upcoming Parent/Teacher interviews for both Senior (year 11- 13) and Junior (year 9 – 10) students.  

This system allows you the opportunity to choose an interview time for your child/children and gives you the flexibility of changing the times should they not suit.

Junior Students

Parent interviews for Junior Students (Year 9 and 10) will be held on Thursday 16th May from 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm.  

School will close at 2.45 pm on this day.

Junior Reports will be on parent portal on Friday 3rd May from 3.30 pm and online bookings will be open from 3.30 pm on that day.

To access the booking system, all you need to do is go online at

  • Enter the code ds9wz and press GO
  • Step 1 – Enter name, email address and student’s name/s and press GO
  • Step 2 – Choose the teacher/s (the names of the teachers are on the report) you want to see for each student and press GO
  • Step 3 – To choose interview time, click the checkboxes.
    Missing checkboxes mean that time has already been booked by someone else.
    Press GO to confirm interviews.
  • Your interview is confirmed – on this page you will see your interviews listed.  You can cancel, update, add, reschedule and print.
  • Click ‘Finished’ when completed.

If you need interviews for more than one child, we suggest that you do not make bookings in consecutive time slots as you would need to leave your first interview early in order to be on time for the second one.  The system does bring up a warning about this if you try to do it.  Interviews are 5 minutes in duration.

If a teacher does not show up once entered, then they are not available on the interview afternoon or they are fully booked.

Online bookings will close on Wednesday 15th May at 3.00 pm.