Ordering Stationery for 2021

Posted on November 05, 2020

Where to order your stationery

You can order your stationery online at www.myschool.co.nz (OfficeMax). Simply enter the school Macleans College to access the stationery lists.

Please note that some stationery items can only be brought through the OfficeMax website. (e.g Macleans College Workbooks. Please purchase only 1 per subject per person. To keep costs down we only print what we need.) There is no retail shop anymore.

Please note that some stationery items can only be brought at our school stationery shop. This will be open from 3 February 2021.

Some Senior Art Courses will need to buy some of their supplies from Gordon Harris the link is here;

This is also indicated on the OfficeMax stationery lists. All other items on the stationery lists can be brought through OfficeMax or elsewhere.

What stationery to order for 2021

Option Subject Lists

Any issues with subjects should be directed to the Deputy Principal in charge of the level:

  • Year 9 - Mr Peek
  • Year 10 - Mr Goodyer
  • Year 11 - Mrs Bigwood
  • Year 12 - Mrs Thompson
  • Year 13 - Mr Mackenzie
  • International Students - Mr McGuire-Barnes

For all enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the OfficeMax Call Centre on 0800 724 440 and they will be able to assist you.