Ordering Stationery for 2020

Posted on November 18, 2019

Information for Parents

Where to order your stationery

You can order your stationery online at www.myschool.co.nz (OfficeMax). Simply enter the school Macleans College to access the stationery lists. OR you can go to the OfficeMax store at 5 Ronwood Ave, Manukau.  This store is set up during the Back to School period with all the school lists available and products required on the lists from Tuesday 10 December 2019.

Please note that some stationery items can only be brought through the OfficeMax website or OfficeMax retail store. (e.g Macleans College Workbooks. Please purchase only 1 per subject per person. To keep costs down we only print what we need.)

Please note that some stationery items can only be brought at our school stationery shop. This will be open from 30 January 2020.

Some senior Art Courses will need to buy some of their supplies from Gordon Harris via the link below;


This is also indicated on the OfficeMax stationery lists. All other items on the stationery lists can be brought through OfficeMax or elsewhere.

Option Subjects can be found below.

What stationery to order for 2020

Year 9

Incoming year 9 will need to order core subject stationery which consists of;

  • 9MAT/9MNU or 9MAA (Mathematics Core or Maths Numeracy or Mathematics Extended)
  • 9ENG (English Core)
  • 9SCI (Science Core)
  • 9SOS (Social Studies Core)
  • 9MAS (Maori Studies) ALL YEAR 9 Students
  • 9PED (Physical Education and Health) ALL YEAR 9 Students
  • + Option subjects (please see below)

Note: Some year 9 students will be selected for the accelerated or extension studies classes or supplementary classes, and will therefore require additional stationery and / or not all of the core stationery .You will be notified of your stationery requirements in the letter you will receive in January, if you are selected for the extension/supplementary classes. You will still require the stationery for your option subjects and 9MAS and 9PED.

To find your options subjects simply scroll through the list to find your name and the codes for the option subjects you have selected. Most subjects are only one semester. You will need to buy stationery for all your semester subjects now. However, the language options are the whole year and you will only require one set of stationery.

Year 10

Students moving into year 10, find your name on the list below for your option subjects.

  • You will all need to purchase stationery for 10PED
  • Plus for English either 10ENG (core)/10ENA (extended)/10ENL (literacy)
  • For Science either 10SCI (core)/10SCA (extended)
  • For Social Studies either 10SOS (core)/10SOA (extended)
  • For Maths either 10MAA (extended)/ 10MAT (Core)/10MNU (numeracy)

You will only need to buy maths stationery for one maths class.

Year 11

Students moving into year 11 find your name on the list below.

You are required to purchase stationery for 11PED.

Year 12

Students moving into year 12 find your name on the list below.

Year 13

Students moving into year 13 find your name on the list below.

Special Note

  1. If there are no subjects next to your name, this means you have not filled in a subject selection sheet. You will need to come into school on the 30th of January to do this.
  2. If you have not made the necessary grades or wish to change a subject - do not purchase the stationery, you will have to wait until;
    23 January for Year 12 CIE (9am – 12pm) and Year 13 CIE (1pm – 3pm)
    24 January for NCEA Year 12 (10am – 12pm) and Year 13 (1pm – 2pm)
    All year 12/13 students will need to have their course confirmed in Kupe House. (Please see details on website)
  3. Please DO NOT write your name on any stationery items until your course has been confirmed in case you need to exchange any items.
  4. Some items will need to be purchased from the Macleans school stationery shop. This will be indicated on the stationery list.
  5. FT stands for Form Teacher, no stationery is required.

For all enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the OfficeMax Call Centre on 0800 724 440 and they will be able to assist you.

Just to quickly recap the OfficeMax MySchool benefits for you are:

  • Competitive prices - find a lower price and OfficeMax will match it (conditions apply, see myschool.co.nz for details)
  • Free delivery - for orders over $46 incl. GST
  • Save valuable holiday time - avoid busy shopping malls and shop online from the comfort of home
  • Multiple ordering options - online at myschool.co.nz, freephone 0800 724 440, freefax 0800 367 724, mail order or OfficeMax retail store
  • Delivery that suits - you can choose delivery to your home or workplace, and receive your order during the holidays
  • Quality product - your child will start the year with the correct supplies that will last
  • Payment options - choose to pay with your credit/debit card, internet banking (with DPS secure payment) or pay by cash in an OfficeMax retail store