Learning plan during shut down

Posted on March 25, 2020

All classes have a Google Classroom that must be followed. The Google Classroom will provide information about the work and tell students what needs to be completed.

Students are to follow their timetable each day and complete the scheduled lessons at the appropriate time. In some instances, the lessons will be delivered live via Zoom or the teacher will be available to answer questions during the normal time of the lesson.  Following the timetable also maintains good routines.

We encourage you to talk to your children each day about the work they are doing and to look at their Google Classroom.

Completing work and submitting it via Google Classroom or email is very important. 

Our thanks for your ongoing support as we continue to teach and provide support via digital means. 

  • Online learning from Tuesday 24 March to Friday April 3.
  • Teaching break from Monday 6 April to Monday 20 April.
  • Online teaching resumes on Tuesday 21 April.