Junior Mid-year Reports 2020

Posted on June 29, 2020

Dear parents/caregivers

The Junior mid-year report for 2020 will be available on the parent portal on Friday 3 July. There are separate reports for Junior students sitting CAIE Examinations - these are already on the portal.

Both reports include grades for Attitude (to learning and others), Homework, Assignments and Assessment Preparation, Preparedness and Record of Learning.

The grades are:

  • Gold – Exemplary
  • Silver – Highly commendable
  • Bronze – Working well
  • Red – Needs improvement.

For CAIE subjects:

The attainment percentage is the mid-year assessment mark.

For Junior subjects:

For attainment for Term 2, there is a grade which is based on the mid-year assessment. The grade is based on two scales:

  • For subjects marked with * the grades are A, B, C, D, E.
  • For all other subjects the grade range is A+, A, A-, B+,B C, D, E.

Follow this link for the full diligence criteria.

If there are any issues with the report please contact the House Leader:

Kind regards,

Mrs Madeline Thompson
Deputy Principal