Ways to Give

Gift your Tax Rebate

For every donation you make over $5.00 (including the voluntary school donation) you will have received a receipt. With these receipts you can claim a refund of 33.33% of each donated amount at the end of each tax year and regift this to the school.

If claiming online via myIR:

  1. When you arrive on the last page of IRD process, there is an option to 'Credit Transfer'.
  2. The Macleans College IRD number: 30-340-205.

Via a printed IR526 form:

  1. Print out the IR526 form
  2. Complete your details on the form
  3. In the ‘Transferring your tax credit’ section, write Macleans College in the ‘Name of person receiving the tax credit’ box.
  4. In box 9, write the Macleans College IRD number: 30-340-205.
  5. In box 10, enter the amount you wish to transfer. You may choose to transfer your total credit to Macleans College, or just a portion.
  6. Sign and date the form and staple your receipts to the back.
  7. Send your completed form and receipts to the IRD.