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Pharmacy (BPharm)
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Regional Rural Admission Scheme (RRAS) - Medicine/Pharmacy
There is no direct entry into Medicine. Students will need to do a first year of either B.Health Science or BSc in Biomedical Science. The one you chose should relate to your interests and abilities as well as what you might do if you don't get into Medical School at the end of that first year. If you choose to do the Bachelor of Health Science you will need a full A Level in at least one subject from Table B. If you choose the Bachelor of Biomedical Science you do not. The minimum English requirement is 17 credits of NCEA Level 2 or 3 English including 5 credits in reading and 5 credits in writing or a D in AS English.
Alternative Pathways - What do I do if I don't get into Medicine?
Enrolments are done on- line. Visit the website or e-mail
Accommodation applications are on-line at
Admission criteria is on and
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Scholarships and Awards
The University of Auckland Scholarships: 100 Scholarships for top achieving academic students who also demonstrate all round ability, leadership potential and excellence in extra-curricular activities. The Scholarship provides tuition and compulsory fees for three years, an allowance for each year of this study of $2500 or $5000 depending on the place of residence of the student and, for students who live outside of Auckland, two return air fares to their home town in New Zealand a year. A third of these Scholarships are guaranteed to students from schools in the Auckland region, and a third to students outside the Auckland region. The other third are awarded to students from any region.
The University of Auckland Chancellor's Awards of Top Maori and Pacific Scholars: 44 Awards to top Maori and Pacific achievers from a wide range of schools. The Award provides tuition and compulsory fees for three years and other benefits, such as mentoring.
The University of Auckland Jubilee Awards: 135 Awards to school leavers based on academic merit and financial need. The Award provides $2000 each year for three years of study.
The University of Auckland Alumni Scholarships: Scholarships to assist students who because of financial hardship may otherwise not be able to undertake a university degree. This Scholarship provides $2500 each year for the minimum duration of an undergraduate degree programme. Schools are each invited to nominate one applicant for an Alumni Scholarship.
A range of endowed scholarships and prizes for school leavers in specific subjects and for specific areas of study.
Maori/ Pasifika
Information for Māori students and their whānau, schools and communities | Maori eBook
Information for Pacific students and their families, schools and communities | Pacific eBook
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Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
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A Future Career in Applied Mathematics
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AUT - Certificate in Science and Technology, Manukau Campus
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Visit the website at or call 0800 367 288 for details.
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Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences, Level 7
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Career engine to assist students in working out their future
Accommodation applications can now be accessed directly online. A reference is still required for each application and for the online enrolment these are printed off the website as part of the registration process. For accommodation information or to access the online form please go to
Massey partners up with Air New Zealand
Massey University’s School of Aviation has been selected to partner with Air New Zealand’s new training institute. This is great news for graduates and future graduates of Massey University’s Bachelor of Aviation as it means that students who successfully complete the programme will be among Air New Zealand’s preferred candidates for first officer positions when the airline is recruiting.
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Otago University
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University of Otago Entrance Scholarships for undergraduate study at Otago in 2016
Entrance Scholarship Information Sheet (pdf)
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Scholarships at Otago University
Otago Connection - the e-newsletter that keeps families connected with student life at Otago
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Victoria University, Wellington
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These assist with planning the first year of study for every degree at Victoria University.
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Victoria Excellence Scholarships
Victoria Excellence Scholarships are now allocated to any students with their NCEA Level 2 Certificate endorsed with Excellence. Offers to applicants with this endorsement will be made at any time in the year prior to the commencement of their degree study although we would encourage them to apply earlier rather than at the last minute. (Conditions may apply) The NCEA Level 2 Excellent endorsement must be gained in the student’s year 11 or 12 year.
Victoria School Leavers Scholarships for Academic Excellence
Victoria University - Scholarships
Victoria Equity Scholarships
Victoria University student recruitment and course advice
Waikato University
Waikato University Website
Accommodation Applications
Students will need to apply online at by 1 October. They will also need to print a copy of the confidential reference form. No applications are processed until the reference has been received and students can see online if their reference has been received. The confidential reference form is also available on the Careers Advisers' website at
• On Line Applications
Confidential Reference
- Students will be asked to print a copy of the common confidential reference form and give it to their referee to send it in by 1 October.
- No applications are processed until the confidential reference is received.
- Students can see online if their reference has been received
- Students will be sent an email one week before applications close if their reference has not been received
Online Applications
Students can now apply for courses online.   Go to and click on the “Application to Enrol” link.
If students are applying online they still must send in a verified copy of their birth certificate
Accommodation Applications
This year students are able to apply online for halls of residences. This should be available to them in early September and students will be required to submit the form online by 1 October.
Confidential Reference: Students will be asked to print a copy of the common confidential reference form and give it to their school referee. These must be sent in by 1 October