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Cycling is an excellent way to increase your cardiac strength and cross-fitness.


The Macleans College Cycling Club will promote the sport of cycling through competitive school racing, and other community events; will assist you and your family to become involved in cycling as a life-long activity; and will grow the sport’s awareness in our School and Community.

We will manage development programs to help our cyclists gain knowledge in the sport of cycling and help them to increase their safety, fitness, agility, speed, endurance, and overall performance as a cyclist and as an individual.

We will also provide coaching and camaraderie to students that have the desire to mountain bike so as to help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive cross-country goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.


  • To give beginner riders an understanding of our sport and a fun and challenging cycling experience.

  • To assist intermediate riders to advance in racing categories (i.e., beginner, sport and expert).

  • To assist the advanced riders to increase proficiency and develop and earn top honors at races.

  • To ensure that our members are as safe as possible through a high level of road awareness, courtesy and knowledge of road rules; and encourage the use of bright clothing, bright lights, and well maintained equipment.


The club was started in early 2000 and focused mainly on cycling, progressing also into the multisport domain. Up until 2011 the club was called Macleans Multisport Club but at the end of 2010 it was decided to concentrate on cycling and mountain-biking as the requirements for multisport events became too expensive and hard to manage.

With this in mind, in 2011 the Club was renamed Macleans College Cycling Club, however we continue to have members who do additional training and compete in multisport events. The club is run by an elected committee comprising parents, coaches and teachers.

In addition we have parents working with our committee who help with fundraising, website maintenance, training and camp and competition events, and focus on safety for our members. Our head coach Bruce Hunter is an ex Macleans student and club member who has over 15 years of experience competing and racing nationally and internationally as an elite triathlete and duathlete and is still very competitive.

Our training sessions are before school, wind-training (cardio) Wednesdays after school, and Sunday group rides. Timing is to minimise overlap with other sports, and study time.